Friday, July 13, 2012

Hope, you'd BETTER stay in that box!

It's been an up and down day and it's not even over yet. After a fairly sleepless night, I hoped for an impromptu lunch date which unfortunately was dashed for more pressing issues. Then finding out I needed a judge's signature first for some paperwork A and I signed for our decree before officially filing it. Lo and behold, the judge is out until Monday, after running up and down three flights of stairs. Seriously? In this heat and in a skirt, I need some powder for the chaffing.

Renewed vigor to pack like a fiend when I returned home only to get discouraged at the sheer amount of packing I needed to do. Now I really need lunch since I skipped breakfast. *stomach growl* And I have a ton of posts to schedule for clients before next week.

But I've set up a little mansion for Hope, who's been residing in Pandora's Box these last couple of years. She's quite comfortable and at home. So anything else that could possibly go wrong today will be okay.

I'm not invincible. But I AM flexible. Look Ma! I'm a bendy weeping willow! I'm going with the flow. Because the next week will be harder, both physically and emotionally.

But I've got Hope in a box and that chick is sipping margaritas by the pool while the hot cabana boy gives her a rubdown. I sure hope lunch is served soon or I'm going to eat her.

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  1. This, all kinds of THIS! Hope shouldn't be killed, but it should be boxed up, contained, not allowed to grow too tall.