Sunday, September 23, 2012

My boyfriend tried to kill me

Friday was quite eventful. I took the Major to base to get his car and new ID as his was demolished by the dog. After I returned home, I ate a handful of chocolate covered macadamia nuts he had brought me from his recent trip. They nearly proved to be the death of me and I'm still paying for their nutty goodness.

I developed an allergy to pecans and walnuts after my sons were born and I'm careful to avoid them in foods. I've never had a reaction to other nuts until this week. The macadamia nuts were raw, which I hadn't had before and five minutes after swallowing, I was violently ill. Not to gross anyone out, I'll just say I revisited the last three meals I had eaten within 30 minutes. My throat felt tight and my mouth was on fire and raw, like I'd continuously licked sand paper or eaten live fire ants. Luckily, I didn't panic. (It's funny how you can post to Facebook from the bathroom floor when you need info on allergies.)

The Major rushed home and got me to the urgent care clinic where two sick bags later, they could tell I was not doing so hot. After the usual triage bp/O2 check/weigh in (curse you, damn scale! I WILL win that battle some day!), A "doctor" who looked suspiciously like Tammy Faye Baker with enough cologne to knock over a horse proceeded to tell me I was probably allergic to macadamia nuts as well.

NO s**t, Sherlock! A Benedryl shot in my hip helped ease the symptoms and I was sent home to sleep it off. (OMG, that really really freaking HURT!!) (Fine, I'm a baby enough when it comes to needles but I swear that shot hurt like a wasp sting!!) Two days later, there's still a sizeable lump at the injection site and it's sore. I'm such a weakling when it comes to shots.

I've carried some queasiness with me through the weekend but didn't let it stop me from going to the Oklahoma State Fair and eating fried things. I didn't go on any rides that spun. OOH, wooziness. But I'm wondering why the Major keeps trying to get me to try different things with tree nuts though... 

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