Friday, September 21, 2012

The dog says "Meh."

 For anyone who knows the Major, you've probably seen his Facebook and the jokes he made over two weeks of being TDY in Guam about being made the king there. And his demand for minions. Lots of them.
Did you know The Minions from Despicable Me are getting their own movie??

I've made it a habit, whenever he comes in by commercial jet (since I can't get on base yet) or when he walks in the door to greet him with a funny sign. Sure, it's cheesy but everyone should feel welcomed. As some of his crew walked passed me, they got a good chuckle as well.

Once kicked off the island, the other minions ran for it. Cowards!

It's not royal fanfare, but it did the job.
I snickered as I posted the next picture, slightly modified:

All Hail the Conquering Hero!  
After unpacking some things, showing me gifts he acquired from adoring islanders (gift shops are classic for this), jet lag began to set in. All was quiet during naptime when I hear the sound of a plastic bag being dragged around the living room. Our 60 lb Rhodesian Ridgeback "puppy"decided to have a snack of the Major's things left on the coffee table! It was a trail of destruction from the front room to the back yard. Money scattered on the back porch, completely demolished credit cards, military ID and driver's license and a gnawed strip of leather which use to be his wallet. The watch was farther back in the yard, and luckily only needs a new strap. Sparky ran for the hills when I started hollering at him, my flipflop wielded above my head as I chased him. 

He's still contrite this morning.

Photo stolen. I think I'll be forgiven.
So welcome home! Everyone loves you... except the dog, it seems.

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