Friday, October 19, 2012

What's love got to do with it?

*Warning: you may be offended

I cried today. A happy cry because of all the love in my life and a bittersweet cry bemoaning that I couldn't share that kind of love years ago. But that's silly. I had that kind of love but didn't know how to show it or return it and neither could the person I loved. So an impasse came and went. And we are now stronger for it as we learned how to break free from the constraints of miscommunication and are able to show others who communicate the way we do just what love means to us.

And I cried after the following video. I'll share with you why first. Because I want you to listen to this woman's every.single.word. Absorb them, hear them, understand them. Regardless of who is saying them to whomever.

Because these words ring true for every human being on earth, those who love and love deeply, no matter the skin color, gender or creed. There are those who would say the love of one person to another is unnatural, just because those two people have the same parts. But take away the sexual organs and you're still left with beating hearts that speed up with fear and love, slow down with comfort and rest. Souls that are still shiny under the smudge of years. Human thoughts that were innocent as children, jaded as teens, growing still as adults. We are all left with the same things in death. The pharmaceutical world would have us use our parts into old age but really, these vaginas, breasts, penises, parts are not our entirety.

And our entirety deserves love.

Thank you immalittlestrange and B for bringing this artist to my attention.

For 50 years, you were my favorite poem 
And I’d read you every night, knowing I might never understand every word 
But that was okay because the lines of you were the closest thing to holy I’d ever heard. 
You’d say, “This kind of love HAS to be a verb.”

I can only pray we live for another 50 years to enjoy each other like this. 

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  1. Wow. So yeah, I cried, too, watching that. And I'm not even in the crying place today! (That was last week, and thankfully, I think it was PMS rather than a more permanent kind of insanity.)

    But wow. Those words, those feelings. I feel nearly mad with the love I have pressing at the seams for me. Sometimes I get the squeees when I skype with my love, and I can't contain myself, and I do an involuntary little shimmy that he calls the crazy muppets arms dance. I can't imagine loving like this, bursting with feeling like this, and not having the right to have all of the world have to recognize my love.

    It also touched me because my first step into the world of being an LGBT "Ally," as I think of myself, was a story I wrote in high school, about a woman denied access to her children and partner by her partner's estranged (and formerly absent) parents, who stepped in and ripped their daughter's family apart when she was critically injured. That's a HORRIFYING scenario. I'd never even met an openly gay person before, living in small-town Oklahoma, but I already knew how wrong that was.