Tuesday, February 19, 2013


After the initial shock has been faced, and all our friends and family told the news of our impending move across the world, the stress has set in, but to a lesser degree. Granted, I've never lived anywhere but here in Oklahoma. Except that fun summer in the Allegheny Mountains at camp. But still. And the closest to being out of the country I've gone is  a week in Montreal for a conference and a few days in Barbados. Bless him, my husband at the time had the flu and that was supposed to be our honeymoon. I saw the ocean for the first time by myself while he languished in the humid hotel room with earaches and stuffy head.

This Italian/French honeymoon with the Major would have been the trip of a lifetime for me. Getting to finally seeing parts of the world I could usually only access thru the internet or by going thru his pictures. Now, I'm facing MOVING across the world. About 10,092 miles away, in fact. Away from my own family and friends. Of course, my boys have a bit of trepidation about it. They're gaining a stepdad plus face being in a new school again and trying to make new friends in a country where even the letters don't look familiar. I can understand that completely.

Not my kids but this reminds me of them.
I love my boys to pieces and would do anything for them. We had to think long and hard about getting married in the first place as this possibility of moving was there. Could I handle moving them? Could *they* handle it? New school, friends and way of life. And yet, they are strong little boys. Resilient and a bit willful, but absolute joys to be around. That's what makes it so hard for some people to let them go, to let them experience the wonders of the world, even at a tender age. I understand it. I really do. Only I'm lucky in that I get to experience it with them. I'm not a homebody. Never have been. I love having my roots somewhere and a place to go back to but I need to roam. The next few months will consist of lots of questions of and by my darling little ones, with some hard truths coming out on both sides. And I ache for them.

All I can do is pray to God for peace and understanding on either side of the coin and hope we all see what is truly good for them and not just for ourselves.


  1. I can't guarantee, having not been stationed at Japan, but most bases you can take families to also have EXCELLENT American schools. Like, I was learning first-year-of-college level stuff in the 7th grade at my DoD school in England. Don't worry too awful much about the boys. They'll adjust, and if you don't make moving away "big and scary," they'll be inclined to see it as an adventure. At least I always did.

    If you need an ex-AF Brat to talk to, hit me up.

    1. Thanks Shaun. I know they'll have an amazing and eventful time and will still get back here at Christmas and all Summers. The DoD school at Kadena is supposed to be one of the best in the base system. I'm not afraid for them that way. Just the "being away" aspect.

  2. It will be an adjustment, but I'm 99.9% sure that once you and your boys adjust to it, it will be amazing. The memories that you'll all make and your boys will have friends from all over the US and the world.
    Be excited and enjoy...lots to see amd do..hell, you may never want to come back!